Hello beautiful readers,

LIFE  a very small set of words but nothing is beyond this . well, hello thought a long ago but finnally  got to get  write my feelings , your feelings on a platform where we can share them. i know here YOUR feelings will be a question but trust me we all belong to almost same husle bustle of life, the sad and happy endings and starting are always there with us. Well i am not a psychologist but still  i am one of you only and really do understand that life teaches , sometimes with a strict punishment when there is no one near you  except a room of solitude and sometime with love of everyone around you. download 

 you really think there is a reason for everything ?

yes, there is a reason behind these fricks and that is YOU. we are the only reason for all the ups and down . we have to have consider ourselves much mature to understand feelings of near ones , to get their love  and blessings but do we always have to do efforts for ourselves ? not really always. sometimes we just need an effortless love , don’t we? of course , because we have a child heart and sometimes with no part of maturity we need somebody to hug , to love , to stay with our side , just to be for us


About Ritumbhara

simplicity is everything for me. I'am a creative writer with a bunch of real life moments portrayed in my writings. Hope to support people out there who might face what i did through my experience .
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