Most of the time in life whatever u gradually becomes the same way..
Always always feel the same way when u would feel after achieving what u want in life..
No one remains with us..exept God and our confidence..ambitions and smile !

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Walking on the water is as easy as to find true love

Hey my gorgeous friends
This time m gonna share my feelings on relationship ..this is getting faster day day by in all over world.. people meet ..they start liking each other and they get into together ..and time bieng& they separate …feel not good..they apart..
Actually sometimes one or may be both doesnt want to be other than one.. but the ego clashes…yes in 21st century people do have  ego more than the air in the atmosphere…and relationships suffer.
I too had suffrrd a lot ..i really dont get that ..i have ego and when i was able to understand my egoism…it was at its peak that even i dont wannt to argue my my ego creayes clashes ..although my superhero is brillian person..out of this word he understands me..but this is npt possble in every other case…what i had experience is from my favourite love poet john keat through his few poems…never let ego control your relationship….nothing remains in the end and it hurts..really really hurts
So everyone out there…you all are much experienced ..much capable to live….but i started witting so that my madness my cetrism should not be repeat by anyone and i really hope for best of best part of a realtionship u all live…m soon gonna sharr my love story..till than sayonara…goodnight..lots n lots n lots of love… 

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Hello beautiful readers,

LIFE  a very small set of words but nothing is beyond this . well, hello thought a long ago but finnally  got to get  write my feelings , your feelings on a platform where we can share them. i know here YOUR feelings will be a question but trust me we all belong to almost same husle bustle of life, the sad and happy endings and starting are always there with us. Well i am not a psychologist but still  i am one of you only and really do understand that life teaches , sometimes with a strict punishment when there is no one near you  except a room of solitude and sometime with love of everyone around you. download 

 you really think there is a reason for everything ?

yes, there is a reason behind these fricks and that is YOU. we are the only reason for all the ups and down . we have to have consider ourselves much mature to understand feelings of near ones , to get their love  and blessings but do we always have to do efforts for ourselves ? not really always. sometimes we just need an effortless love , don’t we? of course , because we have a child heart and sometimes with no part of maturity we need somebody to hug , to love , to stay with our side , just to be for us

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